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Check out what some of our recent guests have to say 

“It’s the real deal, an ancient purveyor of bona fide Neapolitan-heritage brick-oven pizzas. ..a straw of authenticity in a haystack of wannabes.”

- Boston Phoenix - Boston's Best Pizza 2010 – Regina Pizzeria
“There are only a few places where you find people waiting in line outside a building for over half an hour. The best pizza place is definitely one of them. Regina Pizzeria is a traditional family business which offers brick oven pizza since 1926… the pizza is the best you can find in the whole Boston Area. Every pizza has a delicious self made crust and is covered with lots of fresh vegetables and meat. Old perfected recipes, no preservatives... You really taste the difference.”

- Basically Boston, Best Pizza 2010 – Regina Pizzeria
“An institution since 1926, with new locations opening all the time, Pizzeria Regina's original spot in the North End is always busy.”

- City's Best Poll – Best Pizza Winner – Regina Pizzeria
“This place puts out tons of pizza -- I peeked into the kitchen where they've got at least six ovens. The pie itself is delicious. The crust, while slightly puffy -- even kind of thick, is still very light and crispy...”

- Pie Oh My! - March 2011
"No trip to Boston is complete without a slice from Regina's..."

- Joe R. Washington DC –YELP
"The pizza is delicious!... The crust is thin and crispy, great sauce, and awesome cheese blend. And it makes a cute cheap date"

- Jess B. Boston, MA –YELP
"We visit Regina locations in Medford and Saugus and used to visit Sports Depot as well. They've done a great job on the remodel. The place looks terrific!
We were in on Saturday night and had the Goat Cheese and Apple salad with grilled chicken. It was very nice as an appetizer for two. All of the ingredients were fresh and crisp. The chicken was perfectly hot off the grill.
Though tempted by all of the exciting dinner entrees, we opted for the famous Regina pizza. It was excellent!
The bar options are plentiful. I like a place that serves good wine. And they have interesting drink specials, as well.
I really have nothing negative to say. They've done all the right things and I really like it. I must note that the restrooms are much improved - I think it may just be the lighting…We will absolutely be back to try some of the dinner entrees we passed up... and that Warm Chocolate Torrone dessert that I couldn't possibly fit this time.

- Laura L, Nashua, NH –YELP
"Some of the best pizza I have ever had. Not comparing this to the original as I have never been there, comparing this to all the other pizza I have eaten in my entire.
Been there twice now and holy cow. The traditional plain pizza may be the best I have ever had. We also got the special BBQ pulled pork pizza which was unbelievably good. They also have tall beers, decent selection on tap, and a good amount of TVs so that you can watch sports. The service was not the best the first time we went there, but we chalk that up to opening week kinks.
This is a great place to get pizza. Sooooooooooooooooooo much better than the sports depot."

- Marke I, Brighton, MA –YELP
"There was a line at the door, but I'm glad we waited. One of the best pizzas I have ever had. Very reasonably priced. Please go! Best pizza anywhere!"

- Laure C Boston, MA –TripAdvisor
"Seriously, I just moved from NY to Boston & I didn't think they knew what good food was until I found Regina's. THANK HEAVEN"

- Kari P. NYC, NY –Twitter
"We love your North End location. It's one of the most classic pizza joints in the country. Well worth the wait!"

- Notfortourists- Twitter
"It's Pizzeria Regina. It's the most popular pizza chain in New England. Umm, hello!"

- "D"- Yelp
"All in all a great day! Heading off to Pizzeria Regina tonight - and probably Modern Pastry again. :)"

- "Have Kids Will Travel" - Travel Advisor
"Hi Anthony,

It was very nice to meet you on Saturday night in Allston/Brighton. As I mentioned to you, your pizza is "the best" my family and I have had. In fact, it tastes almost as good the day after as it does fresh out of the oven."

- "You will be seeing us again in the very near future!"